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Variety is the flavour of life! One should not have to worry about the price they would to pay for enjoying all that life has to offer. is the answer to all your silent questions about that dream sex vacation!

Now you can travel overseas and have a different partner every time! All your needs are catered to by professionals. gives you a true holiday experience, wherein you are free of all tensions. You don’t need to worry about any aspect of the tour. Confidentiality is a top priority for the company. So, to meet this end, everyone is provided with a NDA. Rest assure, that when you travel with GFE tours, your identity and details are in safe hands.
A sex vacation only begins with getting to chose a partner of your choice. It is further enhanced by the varied aspects of the accommodation, the different kinds of activities and much more. However, like it is promised, you do the relaxing, and leave all the planning on

You are spoilt for choice in picking out the perfect company for your stay. They team up with professional modelling and escort companies to provide you the best that anyone has to offer. Call your dibs on the creme de la creme of the industry. Blondes, black hair or brown, whatever suits your fancy! There’s someone for everyone, from slim maidens to busty babes, all at your service! So, just lay back and let the fun times begin.

But hold up! You don’t think GFE forgot about your mates, did you? Book an accommodation that suits the number of guests. From villas, mansions, luxury apartments, studios, beach rooms, everything is at your disposal! You can escape to the outskirts of the location, or live right in the heart of the city, with everything that the country and its culture has to offer, at your fingertips.

From maids, to chauffeurs, concierge and personal security, each tiny factor is looked in to by GFE Tours. Every whim that may hit you, at any hour of the day, shall be catered to. You get to truly personalise your experience, when you go on a vacation with GFE tours. It can often be quite a daunting thought, that your privacy might be breached by someone, in a moment of intimate pleasure. Yet, when you travel with GFE Tours, leisure shall be the only thing spoiling you. Not many companies can function in a field where so much is at stake. But GFE TOURS prides itself in being one of the top travel agencies in the field of sex vacations. With your priorities being their own priorities, you will never walk away with anything but being completely satisfied!

On demand liquor and grocery delivery makes sure you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for those basic needs either. Party till the wee hours of the night without a care in the world. Mesmerising views and divas to keep you distracted from all the worldly responsibilities.1497207186454

Sex vacations often can be a draining factor for all those savings you have raked up. However, pleasure should not come with a price tag. Keeping that in mind, GFE tours accommodation comes as low as 79 dollars! Innumerable facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, hot tubs, elevators, dryers, wifi, satellite TVs, give you the luxury of your house, in any location that you chose to stay in. Adding to your treat, all the girls in Cartagena are women of substance. Materialistic pleasures are not what they seek. Hence, you can head on over to that vacation without having to burn a whole in your pocket.

Stay in exquisite destinations, such as-
— Cartagena
— Santo Domingo

Stay in the royal colonial architecture of the ancient days, or amidst the lap of modern day technology and rejuvenate. Bachelors parties are never going to be the same either. It is time for Miami and Las Vegas to step aside. Walk in to the sinful life of sex vacation getaways and you will never look back again. GFE picked this name to give you a true ‘Girl Friend Experience’. Profits are not the aim of the company. Each person who visits Cartagena with GFE tours, comes back as a close friend of the owner, Paul. He has travelled the world during his work days, and fell in love with Cartagena. Now, you have a chance to experience a slice of the paradise he has created, where the weather is always bring and sunny, but the smiles of the girls is always warmer! Therefore, put life on hold before anything else, because the fun times are ringing the door bell! Cartagena is calling, are you going to answer?